Getting permanent eyebrow makeup is a risky endeavor. There’s currently no way to see what you are going to get, until after the job is done. And if you hate it, you have to live with it for several months. Nonetheless customers are still spending $400-1000 per session to get brows on fleek!


Fleek is transforming the microblading experience by digitizing and automating the design and application of microblading.

It begins with taking a 3D scan of the customer’s face. Then using our fleek design studio, the artist draws a few eyebrow designs for the customer to choose from. The customer can then preview a realistic rendering of what it would look like on their face. The chosen design will then be applied by surgery grade robots with superhuman precision.

We are the world’s first to digitize microblading before and after pictures in a standardized environment. This proprietary database will be used to train a generative neural net to automate the design of eyebrow, in addition to application, within one year.

Business model

Our initial target market is salons across North America, of which there are 300,000 and growing. Our business has 3 revenue drivers. The Fleek Machine retails for $90k, our margin is 60% Fleek design studio software will charge a SaaS fee per month, and eventually per automated eyebrow design. Fleek consumable are tools, ink cartridges, and aftercare products for exclusive use on the Fleek machine. We can expect an 80% margin on Fleek consumables.


Today over $1 billion per year is spent on permanent eyebrow application. The salons can expect an ROI of less than 6 months on the fleek machine.


We have the most impressive, diverse, and hardworking team at this hackathon. Fleek is at the intersection of industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, AR/VR, frontend, backend, machine learning, robotics.

We had a wonderful time hacking together, and made memories to last a life time. Thanks again for hosting us!

Built With

  • cnc
  • depthcameras
  • eyebrowpens
  • gcode
  • hardware
  • mannequinhead
  • roboticarm
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