Halo Combat Evolved was THE game when I grew up. And through school, the novels held my attention. In particular, I remember 2 excerpts:

“Give me a spotlight here. Prepare a sterilization field, and lower the ambient lighting by forty percent. And a little Mahler, please. Symphony number two.” “Yes, Doctor.” Music drifted from the speakers.

Halo: First Strike ~p. 151, Dr. Halsey to Kalmiya inside CASTLE base

She deliberated how to solve this problem, spun off a multi-tasking routine that listed her resources, and filtered them in a creativity-probability matrix, hoping to find an inspired match.

Halo: First Strike ~p. 235, Cortana aboard Ascendant Justice

It'll take a while to reach those heights, but the first step was a blast.

What it does

Brings within reach of most comp sci people the ability to create and leverage their own Cortana commands.

How I built it

C#, Windows 10 Universal App, AutoHotkey, and lots of ****ing swearing.

Challenges I ran into

Drag and drop had pitiful support. I ended up writing extensive helper classes to fix that. Also, the app's environment was harshly sandboxed, which necessitated constant creative workarounds. Finally, Cortana's voice recognition activation is a black box. Debugging issues around it boiled down to perseverance(raging stubbornness).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

There's a UI! With the quagmire of gotcha's the Windows Univeral App framework provided, that's something of a miracle on its own.

What I learned

Scope... I attempted in 30 hours what would probably take 80 to do cleanly.

What's next for FlawlessCowboy

Multiple commands in the same sentence (as in the inspirational excerpts).

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