I grew up in a household where there was constant food waste. My parents would always over purchase food, raising the grocery bill out of all proportion and having to frequently throw away food that had gone bad. After moving out, I quickly realized how important it is to manage your finances, and food is what almost all households spend the most money on. I wanted to create an application that can help all households manage their grocery shopping so they can easily use up the excess food in their refrigerator before purchasing more food, leading the older food to go to waste. This application would helping with the user with their finances as well as helping them find interesting food to cook.

What it does

Flavours will have a database where the user can search recipes, uncheck the ingredients he already has, and then add the remaining ingredients to the cart. The cart gathers all the ingredients between different recipes and creates a shopping list for the user. After shopping and cooking, the excess ingredients will be stored in a virtual refrigerator personalized for the user. The next time the user uses the software, he will be recommended recipes for which he already has some ingredients. After a few times, the virtual refrigerator becomes more like the actual food storage in the user’s home so the user can look up what he has at home through the software.

How I built it

Nextjs with typescript is the programming tools that we used. Before starting to program we listed all the functionality we would like our application to have. We used Adobe XD to create a UI/UX prototype.

Challenges I ran into

The remote factor of this hackathon made it more challenging. Normally we would all be grouped together, programming. This time however we needed to schedule time, places to meetup, and then try to program more at home. We were also very new to creating a business plan and a marketing strategy. Before the hackathon we were mainly focused on the product. Trying to have a business plan and the marketing strategy in mind as we work on the product is quite harder, making us question which functions we should place priority on.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of having a basic prototype done in one weekend and a solid idea of what we want our application to be and what kind of problem we are solving with it.

What I learned

After discussing with a mentor we were told that the subscription based product that we had in mind might need more sources of income in order to be viable in the market. This was a new way of thinking that we learned a lot from. This whole hackathon has been a great experience for us, learning all about the process of starting a business, finding investors, and creating a business plan. We are very happy that we participated and look forward to doing better in the future.

What's next for Flavours

We would like to implement a voice system that will read instructions out loud for the user, as well as communicating with the user when to go to the next step, repeat, start timer etc. We conducted a survey among Icelandic people which showed us that over 50% of people only go grocery shopping 1-2 times a week. This shows great potential in implementing a meal planner where the user can schedule their meals throughout the week, finding recipes that reuse some ingredients, while still keeping the recipes fresh and interesting. We would also like to implement a family account where multiple accounts in the same household are connected, and offer increased functionality and communication between the connected accounts By collaborating with local grocery stores, we will be able to show the cost of the shopping list right in the application before the user goes shopping. We also want to include a function where the user can choose to have the ingredients delivered for extra cost, showing the price of all options to the user, where they can choose the most appropriate one for them.

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