The inspiration for this project comes from seeing the extent of how the food industry has been affected by Covid 19. The world is changing everyday and the food and delivery industries need to modify and adapt in order to be prepared for the future. During this pandemic, many restaurants had to shut down and were only able to serve to customer through delivery. Drone technology has been increasing in recent years and I believe that introducing and implementing this technology in the food delivery industry will help prepare us for social and economic challenges in the future.

What It Does

  • This application Flavor Flight would deliver meals from restaurants and grocery stores through flight technology.
  • Users can place orders from local restaurants and they will be delivered by drones!

How I Built It

I built this application using Swift 5/ SwiftUI and the IDE I used was Xcode. All this code is live in my GitHub repository.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges I ran into included working with SwiftUI which is very new technology, I had to learn how to create with it and be able to build a visual representation. Also, I had some challenges with source control and git but I was able to overcome these by debugging.

Next Steps

The next steps for Flavor Flight include adding the Google Maps API to be able to scale to working with companies and establish a communicative pathway for bagging and delivering customers orders. Additionally, I would like to implement the Stripe API to be able to process transactions. Lastly, I would love to ship to users and see how the world views Flavor Flight!

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