• Built out of necessity, you know the saying "Necessity is the mother of all inventions"!

  • Most of the data we receive is in flat file format with a single file having data which should form nodes and relationship and sometimes they are also hyperedge cases!

  • Existing solutions required processing this data and converting it into rdbms or multiple csv files where we need one file for each node and relationship. Imagine if you have 20 of these!

  • Also, we wanted something that even non technical users could use

What it does

It creates graphs directly from flat files

How we built it

Javascript (node.js) to generate cypher text for the flat data file and by specifying a config file

Challenges we ran into

Incorporating various Neo4j data types, managing relationships

What's next for FlatToCypher

  • UI to generate config file and visualise the graph on the fly!
  • Supporting multiple entries in a single column to create arrays or nodes
  • 64-bit numerals
  • Performance improvement

Built With

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