Finding a flatmate is hard! Either if you have a room to rent out, or if you are searching for one to live in. But most important, you need to click with your potential flatmate! Most of us have had that one weird flatmate that gave you the chills everytime you thought of going home...

We wanted to streamline this process by introducing a matching algorithm that compares rooms, searching criteria, and facebook provided data from potential flatmates. No more scrolling through an endless list of flats and no more spam from the approximately 200+ people who are interested in the room you are renting out.

So go on: Swipe - Match - Live happily ever after!

What it does

flatmate has two main views. One for the people who are searching flats and one for those who are renting out a room/ flat.

When you search for a flat, your searching criteria, things like room size, max price and so on, is matched against the available rooms. Then we check the facebook data of the potential landlords. This way we show you only the landlords you will probably like.

How we built it

Patrick did the IOS frontend. Viktor and Adrian built the backend together. Marcel provided b-e-a-utiful designs and Till was the business guy!

Challenges we ran into

Computer crashes, "but-it-works-on-my-machine-bugs", weird stuff and more

What's next for Flatmate

Optimize the matching algorithm and the implementation of the landlords view.

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