Everyone is talking about home office, but for a lot of people that is not possible (think of physical work). Our app aims to help them getting save to work, especially if they depend on public transporation.

What it does

The app optimizes the route to take to work in a way that crowded situations with other people are avoided, e.g., by proposing to take the metro 15 minutes later, to take the bus in case it is expected to be less crowded, to rent a bike in case it is sunny.

How I built it

The mobile app is built using Mendix and the Google Maps API so it can be quickly rolled out across several platforms (iOS, Android, Computers via Browser). Going forward, users may decide to anonymously share more location-based data to further improve the recommendations.

Challenges I ran into

To get started quickly, a lot of recent data on utilization of public transportation is needed. Google already today displays how crowded certain means of transportation (and shops etc.) are at different times of the day. However, as these "utilization profiles" have changed dramatically over the past week, more recent data is required - probably in cooperation with the company collecting that data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

From idea to a first prototype in just 2 days - that was really a great experience and much different from what happens in a typical working environment. And it's a lot of fun.

What I learned

Quickly iterating over different versions of the app - questioning how it can be made most convenient and help the user the most.

What's next for flat commute

Hopefully seing lot's of people getting a little bit saver to work :)

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