Live events like concerts, hackatons, parties are happening all around the world. But once they are finished, you can't live them again. We understand the concept of a twitter #hashtag but just scrolling through things doesn't really give you a perspective of how things happened or are happening. But now FlashPoint...

What it does

FlashPoint is an iOS and web platform to which anyone in the event's location can contribute with "flashes". A flash can be a simple description, a photo, a short movie or even live streaming videos. All these flashes are integrated in a website which shows how things happened by time. It's just like watching a movie, but a movie which is generated by the people which took part in the event.

How we built it

FlashPoint has two main components - an iOS app through which anybody at the event's location can contribute with descriptions, photos, videos and a web site, at which anybody can view the events as they are happening, or relive them afterwards. We used Swift to programm the iOS app. The server side is already made by, and we used their SDKs to communicate from the iOS to the web view. On the web client, we used VizJS to create the animations and interactions. In the end we added ArcGis to implement geotriggering and push notifications, to alert the iOS users that an event is happening near them.

Challenges we ran into

Initially we tried to implement our own JavaScript animation. It took over 10 hours with no good results. Luckily we found VizJS in the 13th hour.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a working system, even if it's ugly, it proves the concept :-)

What we learned

A lot of JavaScript and new APIs.

What's next for FlashPoint

We want to integrate live streaming into our application. We plan using the still early beta Twilio Video Programming API. Unfortunately, it doesn't really work that well yet :-(

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