We wanted to work with computer vision and we got inspired by CapitalOne's mission of humanising finance.

What it does

It allows for a frictionless and more secure payment experience on e-commerce websites

How we built it

In order to demonstrate our solution we needed to have our API working on a sample. Therefore we worked on the API an a mock website (Based on a superhero theme!!!). In order to achieve this, we split up into two groups. One was in charge of developing the backend part and the other one the frontend. To start, we sourced some code from the web to use it as a foundation for our API.

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult part was to have the website to POST captured picture to our backend for usage in our main function

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have been able to implement a button that requests user to capture a selfie from his webcam. The picture is then properly decoded and returned as an argument for our image-comparison function which in the end routes you to the "Transaction Declined" or "Transaction Approved" webpages.

What we learned

Team collaboration Project management Working on a full-stack project Flask framework Integrating HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python

What's next for FlashPay

Better integration with websites, development of a scalable solution for big databases, improvement of our face-recognition function through computer vision libraries, better storage of users' accounts and images

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