I recently picked up a bartending hobby and wanted to learn Russian, I though flash cards was a great way to build my skills and I figured more people would be interesting in learning as well if they had a convenient way to create flash cards!

What it does

It is an app that uses ML text recognizer to quick create flash cards out of images (like a PDF or document). And then you can flip through the flash cards to practice new languages, hobbies, etc.!

How I built it

The app was build with Swift.

Challenges I ran into

Utilizing text recognition, learning drawing with Swift.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of finally diving into Machine Learning, it was so fun and I think I understand the hype now!

What I learned

I learned so much ML and was able to practice my liquors for the bartending school along the way.

What's next for Flashion

Future features to be shown in the demo!

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