Most people will tell you that learning is inherently fun in and of itself. "Studying" however, is much less so, as it mostly consists of rote memorization and repetition, thus becoming a dull and often arduous activity to engage in.

FlashCard MatchCards is an attempt to make studying more enjoyable through "gamification". By leveraging online flashcard repositories (such as Quizlet or, users can study whatever it is they choose through playing the classical game of matchcards. The memorizing behaviours utilized when playing the game naturally falls in line with the practices of studying by itself. Furthermore, in multi-player scenarios, there can be additional benefits due to the incentives brought on by friendly competition.

Proposed Features (Note: Not all were implemented):

Users can log in with an existing or Quizlet account, which will allow access to the user's personal flashcard stacks to study. Alternatively, one can choose from the hundreds of thousands of pre-existing stacks available to the public, which does not require any type of login to be made. Once a stack of flashcards is decided upon, the user can choose to either play a game alone (SINGLE PLAYER mode), or play with a friend by sharing a screen (LOCAL MULTIPLAYER).

With the ONLINE MULTIPLAYER mode, users first enter a lobby in which they decide whether to join an existing game or to host a new game by determining the set of flashcards to be used.

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