Millions of paper index cards are used to study words, and they can get lost or destroyed easily. You also have a hard time keeping track of your progress on each word, and keeping them organized can prove to be cumbersome.

What it does

There are a few main points to Flashbrain.

  • Create categories categories can be anything, so you can organize your words by subject, teacher, semester, topic, etc

  • Create words/definitions - once you've created at least one category, you can create add any amount of words to it. don't feel like typing in the whole definition? use the "Get Definition" feature, which pulls the word's definition from Not sure how to spell your word? Take a best guess at it, then use the "Get Definition" feature. If the word does not exist or is incorrectly spelled, we will create a list of the words we think you're trying to spell.

  • Take never ending quizzes after you've created at least 1 category and 4 words in it, you can quiz yourself on that category (or all categories) for as long as you need, any time you need to.

  • See your progress over time Flashbrain will track how well you score on each word in realtime. It also tracks how well you do overall in each category. You are assigned a standard grade letter for each word and for each category, indicating how well you are doing. Standard grade letters include A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, F, and Z (Z meaning never quizzed on)

  • Try sample quizzes Want to see how the whole process works, or how to create unique, multiple choice quizzes? Try our free sample quizzes to get an idea of what you can do

  • Take the tutorial Flashbrain offers a free step-by-step walkthrough tutorial to help you through the process of getting setup. It's a pretty simple process already, but sometimes the simplest things can be the hardest ones to figure out.

  • Erase your history Done with the app? Delete all of your data with the click of a button if so desired.

How I built it

Lots of words, and funny looking symbols put together made this whole thing

Challenges I ran into

Nothing really. It's a simple, straight forward app. I built this while learning the blockstack API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This garners a lot of attention from those who have a need for something like this, which is quite common.

What I learned

There is a lot of demand for something like this, but few apps exist that do this

What's next for Flashbrain

Maybe audio translations of words? I'd also like to see varying quiz formats. Right now, it does multiple choice quizzes, but true/false could be nice, too. Not sure if the demand is there or not though. There's also some demand for sharing quizzes.

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