This app reads and displays nutrition information that has been encoded as a QR code. The app is completely offline and is able to read the information in the code with no reliance on the Internet or an external database. (This dependence is a major weakness of current nutrition-tracking apps, which most often require the user to manually search through a large, but still incomplete, database.) It allows the user to quickly and easily visualize nutrition information. This information accumulates over the course of the day, allowing the user to see when he or she is approaching his or her daily limits of each nutrient. These limits can also be customized, preferably with the help of a health care professional, to meet the user's specific nutritional needs.

Because QR codes are obviously not currently found on nutrition facts labels, this is more of a "proof-of-concept" app, designed to highlight the potential benefits of widely implementing a system in which QR codes are a part of the standard nutrition facts label. Should this process become standardized, this app is intended to be released for free, giving access to the most possible users access and improving overall public health.

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