A secure flash driver protected using bio-metrics. An unauthorized user would not notice his action has been reported to the owner.

What it does

The body of the flash drive contains a hidden finger print sensor which scans the finger print when the device is plugged in. If the finger print does not match the user will be presented with fake mount which looks like a normal pen drive. In the backend user activity will be reported with the information of plugged in machine name and ip address. The owner can access this details from the mobile app or the web interface.

How I built it

Sparkfun fingerprinter is used to scan and match fingerprints. Two hidden flash drives are encapsulated into the device. If the user is not authorized the alternate flash drive is mounted which protects the original data. At the same time intruder will not notice any difference because the pen drive behaves normally. Meanwhile the activity will be reported to the web server powered by react and node.

Challenges I ran into

Building the hardware was extremely challenging. We want to build a compact prototype to demonstrate that such device can be implemented for real. Mounting two flash drives in the same USB bus turns out to be really challenging due to leakage current from microcontroller and the printed circuit board.

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