Flash Quiz is one of the most stressful projects I've ever worked on. First, I began by working on a device I've never used (let alone programmed on) - an amazon echo. A new device, new platform, new language, new experience, new possibilities.

I thought, for a first go, my initial idea was rather respectable. A student would start my application, "Flash Cards". They would then pick a subject. They would either choose to study a set they already made or choose to create a new set. If they decided to make a new set, they would be asked to input that set (with voice control). If they were to study, they would pick a set, and be given a definition. If they got the correct word, they would earn points. If they didn't get it right, they would earn 0 points. They would be competing with each deck (the bigger the deck, the more points you would get) to get the most points. This would be making studying fun and helping the overall education cause

Unfortunately, with the amount of time I took to learn how to properly use Alexa and the bugs that arose, I wasn't able to finish it. First I had to learn the platform, so most of my time was spent trying to learn the platform. With maybe 7 hours left, I was able to start my project. Something that I really struggled with was not being able to take more than one input ( .listen() ) per method. If I was allowed to use it more than once, I would have been able to have finished the project. But alas, it's only half a product now, built on Node.js, AWS, and amazon echo.

I'll finish this up if I ever get an echo

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