With our varied abilities, we thought making flashcards was within our capabilities. Flashcards seemed like something everyone can use to study for tests or remember terms.

What it does

You can login and your flashcards will be stored from previous sections. You can view, edit, and test your knowledge on your flashcards. You can create new decks of cards. When testing your knowledge, the webapp will keep track of how many cards you've tested and how many you've gotten right.

How we built it

We used VSCode to code our webapp. We used Discord to communicate with each other and GitHub to save our work. We used express, handlebars, and ajax calls.

Challenges we ran into

We had issues centering the panels on screen. We weren't able to include stats on previous tests. We had to learn to use GitHub for the first time. Most of us are fairly new to programming and just learning the syntax was a new task. Another issue was figuring out how we can work remotely on the same project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to create a webapp with the limited knowledge of Web Development. One of our members had taken Web Dev at OSU previously and he suggested we use the ENGR servers. We also used GitHub to keep track of our progress and save our work.

What we learned

We successfully learned how to push, pull, and merge on GitHub so that we could work remotely. We learned new ways of using if and else loops in html. We also learned new ways of using CSS features.

What's next for Flash Forward

For two of us, our next step is to learn actual Web Development in the class at OSU. Flash Forward was a huge step in our CS career.

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