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Flare does everything it can do as an application to help out with delivering medicine in Tamil Nadu. It is an app that aims to have a volunteer community that can help out others in time of need, and have authorities oversee the operations.

Introduction and usage

Flare is an Android application that has two sections: "Report" and "Volunteer". In the Report section, people can easily attach a picture, select where they are on a map, and send a message stating what exactly happened to them/someone around them. The Volunteer section allows people to see and interact with reports in their locality so they could help out with anyone in need. Volunteers can call the person who reported, see their location on a map, and see their picture if they uploaded one.

Major Advantages

  1. It works on Android, which is widely used in South India.
  2. It detects whether the user has internet connection or not, and accordingly changes the information sent to the authorities (a phone number to receive SMSs can easily be set up).
  3. An SMS gateway to receive messages is not needed, which is expensive to set up and hard to maintain. Instead, messages can be routed to Android phones that are connected to internet who then add them to the database.
  4. Built on Heroku and Firebase, which is very easy to scale on the click of a button if the application grows.

Minor Advantages

  1. Simple user interface for authorities to perform actions. No need to train anyone to use the application, as it is intuitive. Tested on Windows and Mac, and screen sizes 11 - 15 inches, will work great on big monitors.
  2. Latitude and Longitude attached to Internet reports, thus easily pinpointed data for 2G or 3G data
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