We are inspired by the great tech entrepreneurs of our time like Zuckerberg and Jobs. We noticed that there is a gap between social media and encrypted messaging apps for business. W. thought we could combine the two and split the barrier.

What it does

It is a secure chat app for business personnel that encrypts data and acts as a wrapper for you existing chat configuration.

How we built it

We built it through persistent trial and error through the app-inventor software.

Challenges we ran into

We had to redo our code over 20 times and ran into numerous server and compatibility issues. This is only one screen we probably redid the UI over 40 times and ran the compiler over 100 times.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of staying on track in our development cycle as a team, which was not easy.

What we learned

We learned not to give up and push yourself to the limits when the going gets tough in development. These are the key points that lead to eventual success. Mark Zuckerberg once said that a good app is one that fails because that is you greatest lesson.

What's next for Flare; Secure Chat for Business

We plan to add a day 1 patch and fine tune the UI and fix bugs. We also plan to add a file and drawing sharing feature over RSS. We plan to add [profiles and followers, also emotes are somewhat in the build. We have over 2 months worth of updates in the build taken away from the public and released later.

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posted an update

The 1.1 update has taken longer than usual and we are at the process for finishing 1.1 This is a major update that will enhance security and put down the framework for the 1.2.0 customization update which will enhance the UI and fix a ton of bugs.

  • The 1.1 update will release sometime in Early June. , This is Julian From Team Enigma Signing out!

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