Flappy Bird was everywhere, and the first round of clones was hitting the store. One evening my husband and I challenged each other to creating our own flappy clone. A few days later I was submitting Super Flappy Dragon 3D to the store (yes, that name was required because there were that many clones).

How it works

Tap to flap through the towers. Don't hit them!

Challenges I ran into

The Apple Review process. This was my first app with ads, and I was trying to use Apple's own iAd service. The reviewer never saw the ads though (I'm guessing it was just a fulfillment issue). I finally had to switch to AdMob to get the app through review.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Beating my husband to a workable app ;)

What I learned

Ads are a bit of a pain. I think I prefer paid apps or in-app purchases as a revenue model.

What's next for Flappy Dragon iOS App

Nothing right now. I do feel a little guilty about publishing this app, clones aren't usually my thing. At least this one is a little different!

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