"Flappy Alien" is a fun mobile game which was developed for Android devices. For this project I took only about 6 or 7 days with all of my full effort. Today a game must have some astonishing graphics that attract the user. Being an independent developer I had to face many challenges to create Graphics, Sounds and also the game environment myself. My graphic designing capabilities with Photoshop is also helped me with this and some of the graphics needed to buy online.

Also the programming part was some what easier with the Unity game engine. But to create a overall finished game, I had to put some real hard effort on this. I was able to add the Google leader board support for the first time in a game and I'm very pleased with it.

Here I targeted all age categories that will enjoy playing mobile games with fun and joy. Truly this game was some extended and modified concept of the original game "Flappy Bird". But I wanted to make it look nice and changed the original concept for cope with my needs.

Finally I'm a pleased with the final outcome of the game and it truly makes me happy when someone is playing my game :).

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