We were inspired by the fact that as students, all our money goes into our future career. However, we also need a break! We are only humans who deserve to experience the world. So, we created an application to design trips based solely on budget.

What it does

It takes a given amount of money and gives the traveler certain options that can potentially fit their budget. It defines a distribution to allocate the money into travel needs.

How we built it

Using different classes and libraries given by Java. We made use of Google's Places API for determining attractions, restaurants, and hotels given a price range and location.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into several problems! We did not know how to call an API or even how to organize money in a way that would allow the user to cover all their travel expenses.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the journey we have made while making this application. It is incredibly satisfying to watch the pictures of different places displaying on the screen, or even the order of recommendations the way we wanted to. After all, we have shared the experience each of us has as well as we have learned plenty of things together.

What we learned

We learned to call a google API and to parse a JSON file (we did not expect it to be as complicated as it was using java). The most important thing that we learned is that through communication, we can make up a pretty united team.

What's next for Flamingo

Flamingo will eventually get all its features completed as we did not have time to apply for keys in certain APIs that we needed. We would also like to improve our algorithms so the whole process is quicker. With time, we would like to sell a vacation plan through this application. Possible features to incorporate are: j

  • take the hotel, attractions and restaurants into account to generate a schedule/itinerary for the user to follow on their vacation
  • improve the flight system by utilizing an API for real, available flights (like the Places API uses for places)
  • take into account other transportation options like public transport or rented car to create a more precise and accurate trip itinerary with better routes)

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