Have you ever felt bored during a dull lecture in a classroom? Do you want a funny excuse to break the ice with someone new? Imagine you had a teensy-weensy relationship calculator to carry around in your mobile phone. Any time you desired, you could use it to predict the relationship between two people. Well, you are not likely to come across a relationship genie but here’s the next best thing! The ‘FLAMES Love Games’ app is an amusing application that enables you to determine the type of relationship between any two people. It is played in the backseats of college classrooms, canteens, parties etc. It yields interesting and often humorous results. The result falls under these categories: F - Friends L - Love A - Admire M - Marriage E - Enemies S - Sex

How does it work? Given Player 1's and Player 2's name, result is calculated as follows:

  1. Strike out the common characters between the names.
  2. Count the remaining characters. This number is called as the strike number.
  3. Now start with the initial word 'FLAMES' and start with 'F' as the initial position.
  4. Strike out the character which is at the strike number distance from the initial character position. When necessary wrap around the word. For instance, when strike number is 7 the character 'F' will be stroked out.
  5. Now the new word will be without the character which has been stroked out and the initial position will be the character next to the stroked out character. Continuing with previous examples, when 'F' is stroked out, the new word will be 'LAMES' and initial position will start with the character 'L'.
  6. Repeat steps 4, 5 until you end up with a single character. But hey! There's an element of surprise. We've tweaked the logic a little to spice up the results! We hope you enjoy it. Let us know what you think. Cheers!
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