Flameit journey starts from my own poor experience with a newly launched Mobile Application based Food ordering and delivery service known as food panda. A few years back, when it was a brand new concept in Pakistan to order food through a mobile app, we were so excited to place order and receive food. So, I downloaded the app from Play Store and placed an order.

I ordered a Pizza of price 700 rupees and I waited for approximately 40-45 minutes. As I received the order and I opened the package, I was so disappointed :-( , it was a round bread with only red paste and 4 pieces of chicken and 4 pieces of onions on it. It was a misery. I wasted my Money on such thing.

After several days, I ordered the same pizza from the same restaurant directly by calling the restaurant on their number. I received a good pizza with a delicious taste.

This was the quality difference. I started research on this issue to address the problem. I found that it was a problem of huge profit margin taken from the restaurant by the Food Panda.

So I thought to do this in a way that will benefit the Restaurant and customer both and it will create a new business based in Pakistan as well.

From here The journey of Flameit started. It was intrinsically in my brain that I wanted to be a part of something bigger than me. I am never into 9 - 5 jobs, odd lifestyle on repeat, that's exhausting for me. I always looked at the big picture. Success does not comes quick but with endurance and persistence you achieve success in fragments.

Our Vision is to partner with restaurants and promote their services to boost their sales and facilitate customers with quality products(food).

We are students of Computer Systems Engineering and business administration So, We relatively know the means and ways to solve these listed problems using technology.

One basic thing that everyone counts as problem is Low or No Investment, But for us we have made it this far with our own meager investment, we have almost exhausted all our savings and we are capable of taking it further without huge amount of investment.

But if we get a chance to get some investment, we'll surely grab the opportunity to robust our operations.

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