After hearing about the Australian wildfires in our World History class, we felt the urge to take action on alerting others about where the flames are as people are usually caught off guard when it comes to an approaching wildfire. 

What it does

 Our app connects to heat sensors and evaluates the surrounding temperature. It then analyzes drastic rises in temperatures to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit and notifies users of the app. 

How I built it

 We used AppLab and coded with the JavaScript Language

Challenges I ran into

 At first, we started using Android Studio, but found it to be very complicated as we were beginners in using the studio, so we resorted to using AppLab

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

 We are proud of this app in general, as well as the behaviour of the app. 

What I learned

 We learnt how to create a splash screen in Android Studio despite not using that platform. We also learnt how fast bush fires spread.

What's next for FlameFinder

 We plan to implement weather API to update weather frequently for better accuracy as well as ML Algorithms for predicting future wildfires from weather and input from other sensors to keep users alert.

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