Flagtrip: travel in multiplayer

Vacation planning, especially with friends, is unnecessarily complex. Travel is usually a social experience, but most software nowadays only focuses on individual and personal plans.

However, Flagtrip offers a real-time collaborative solution, allowing friends to easily pin down new places, find local recommendations ranging from food to housing, and even book Airbnb stays, flights, and Ubers.

Organizing a vacation no longer has to be a logistical nightmare! Welcome to Flagtrip: a flagship collaborative adventure-planning experience.


Users of Flagtrip create accounts on our service and plan their vacations in centralized "Trip" rooms. These rooms exist in unlisted URLs, and if a User wants to invite a new friend to the Trip, they can add the new friend's email to the Trip, after which a SendGrid operation will send that user an invitation to the Trip. Users can dynamically add and remove location markers on a Google Maps interface specific to the Trip, and flight data, Uber ride estimates, hotels, points-of-interest, and restaurants are displayed conveniently on the map. When the vacation plans are finalized, SendGrid creates an email report of the itinerary and sends it to all participants.

Challenges and Accomplishments

  • Integration of Google Maps and Flight data
  • Real-time collaboration with many-to-many user/trip mapping
  • Uber/transportation solutions with path traversal calculations
  • Enumerating database schema for different aspects of vacation travel (logistics to food, location recommendations, etc.)
  • Fast, synchronized communication between a Javascript-heavy front end and Ruby on Rails backend

More pictures are available here: http://imgur.com/a/flCWF

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