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Capture the Flag based game mixing tag with King of the Hill. Bringing your favourite games to outdoor environments with power-ups, leader-boards and bantz.


  • Team zone based in the meadows
  • Organiser/Game session creator allows people to join based on person location, if they have the app open and enter the area of play, they can request to join the game, which the organiser approves.
  • Players pick up an opposing teams virtual flag when they get close to it. They must remain next to the flag for 5 seconds. Once they have it, they score a point if they return it to their zone. If a team gains three points, they win.
  • Players can tag opposing players in the original players zone, which removes them from play and makes them drop the flag. Players are tagged by passing a NFC message from phone to phone.
  • Once players are tagged, they must go to the sin-bin area. They also cannot tag anyone, pick up items or flags, and search for flags.
  • Once they are in the re-spawn zone for 30 seconds, they can rejoin play
  • Players can pick up items that are placed on the map by approaching them. They then either gain a passive buff, or immediately use the item.
  • Players carrying the flag can also be tagged in the neutral zone, which causes them to drop the flag.
    • Once a flag has been retrieved, a new flag is placed in the team zone, with it's location hidden from the opposing players. It's location is only revealed when an opposing player begins to pick it up.

Winning Condition

Points for every-time a flag is successfully captured. The team with first to 3 points wins the game.


Each players is assigned to a team. They have this team for the entirety of the match. Each player also has a name, which can be changed in the Settings

Team Zone

Area of play is divided into 5 parts; 2 team zones, 2 re-spawn zones and a sin bin. - The neutral zone is the middle quarter of the map - The red team zone is the leftmost two eighths of the map - The blue team zone is the rightmost two eighths of the map - Each re-spawn zone is out of the area of play, occupying the outside eighths of each team zone.


Items are randomly distributed throughout the neutral zone. They disappear once collected, and are periodically replenished. Items can be collected by players of either team. Each player may only have one item at a time. Some categories of items can be seen before they are collected, others can't.

These items are:

  • Reveal location(s) of hidden flag (Passive)
  • Reveal locations of enemy players for 3 minutes (or until tagged by an enemy)
  • Halve time taken to pick up flag (Passive)
    • Move your flag to a random locations and create 2 dummy flags, which appear to the opposing team as real, but disappear once collected (Active).
    • Move your flag to a random location and hide it (Active|Hidden)
    • 1 time tag defence, plus 10 seconds invulnerability (Passive|Hidden)
    • 1 time tag defence, plus the player who tags you is instead removed from play. You cannot pickup flags when you have this power. (Passive|Hidden)

Creating Game

The first person to join a game is in charge of organising it. They can choose team names, approve new players and kick players. Anyone else can join afterwards, even in the middle of a game. Teams are assigned on an alternating basis (First player to join is team A, second player team B, third A Etc)

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