Inspiration: What makes human unique is their different cultures and backgrounds. Being always into traveling, we sometimes would run into a flag, but we wouldn't know what country that flag belongs to. It is hard to go through all the countries looking for this specific flag or even describe it to google. Therefore, we made it easy for anyone to know any specific flag by simply taking a picture of it or describe a few colors in it.

What it does: By Simply taking a picture of a flag you saw or describe a few colors you noticed in a flag your will get to learn what country that flag belongs to and get to learn more about the country and its cultures.

How we built it: We used Machine Learning to train our model to be able to recognize the images either taken or uploaded with its different variations and angels and contracted colors to be able to give you the name of the country of that flag.


  1. Learning a few new technologies uses (i.e. working with ML and how we trained the model)
  2. Having unexpected issues with some of the functionalities and the data we get in returns.
  3. Collecting data and working on making the App very accurate.

Accomplishment: Being able to work on this project that we have been pushing for a long time and getting at least the initial features working and being able to see it come to life makes us so proud. working around the challenges and figuring out alternatives to most of the unexpected issues we faced. managing a team and working in an organized fashion.

What we learned: What we thought would be easy was not easy. Dividing tasks and managing out timeline was a good learning experience New ways within Swift and its tableviews and collectionViews.

What's next for FlagSter:

The App is scalable to be more than an educational app. It also could be an app that people use to learn about other countries an teach their kids.

Who said education can't be fun too. Therefore, we are working on adding a Challenge Feature where families can sit and play a quiz/game about countries and their flags and cultures.

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