This application can track the location of the dangerous items, like used needles, based on pictures users submit to our platform. This could help NGOs and government agencies that are responsible for pick up these dangerous items. The goal is to build a safer city through community engagement.

government and nonprofits will be able to locate these dangerous items more quickly, and collect them!

Started from font end with functions that can take pictures and upload the pictures to the server! Use Twilio to spread the messages to the subscribers who signed up and (also using Twilio). People can reply to messages to the phone number to choose either register or delete their subscription. Used google cloud to host our website and use to maintain our domain.

Try to get Twilio hands-on and make Twilio functionally running correctly! Imported all the dependencies we need in our project!

Twilio was used to interact with the subscribers

How to use Twilio and import dependencies properly

Can be useful to governments and other organizations.

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