The idea was created under the desire to incorporate a new form of visual communication between the user and a computer worn on the body. A flexible light absorptive display works as an optical valve, it has two states one that is clear (OFF) and the other is dark (ON). Depending on the materials the device can show up different colors. To incorporate a thin flexible display into clothing involved to solve fundamental problems as form factor or power consumption among others. It is really satisfactory to start with a seed idea and push it to the limits, ending up with a completely new fully functional prototype never seen before.

The creative process behind the development of a new wearable device is a very rich experience because it involves problem solving skills learned at school. There are still problems to be solved if we pretend to put outside in the market our idea, but also this is just the beginning we proved that the concept work and the future uses will depend on the creativity of other people

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