Flacq is about exploring how technology can bring us back outside to engage in fun games with others. An actual social game that encourages face to face interaction with other humans (gasp!).

The rules are simple:

  • As long as a player is within range of a flag they contribute towards claiming that flag for their team.
  • The more players at a flag, the faster that team will claim it.
  • Players from opposing teams will cancel each other out.
  • Once the flag has been claimed, the team will score points as long as it is in their position.
  • The round ends when one team reaches the decided upon point total, such as 100.

By using iBeacon technology, our game allows players to use Estimotes as their flags. This ability frees players to create games on a small or large scale - in the city, in the woods - anywhere they have a cellular signal so that gameplay data can be synched live across devices.

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