Nobody from my team had any previous experience with blockchain technologies, so this was the perfect opportunity. Furthermore, the cool people from Fleta wanted a projected implemented on top of their blockchain to showcase it's advantages over other solutions. After some brainstorming and initial pivoting, we came to the final idea of Flace!

What it does

Flace, a portmanteau of Fleta and Place, is a collaborative and artistic game largely inspired by Reddit's 2017 April Fools game called Place. After registering on the blockchain and logging in, a player can selected a pixel on a canvas of an arbitrary size (64x64 initially) and assign any 24bit color to it. Unlike Reddit's implementation, the global state is tracked on a blockchain which sends notifications to each logged-in client whenever an update happens (0.5 seconds).

How we built it

The blockchain tracks the global state and the state of every user. The frontend is implemented in javascript and HTML, and communicates with the blockchain daemon by a RESTful API and WebSockets. The RESTful API is used to GET the initial state of canvas on login and to POST the registration or login information, as well as pixel coloring events. WebSockets stream updates from the blockchain daemon to the frontend, keeping the canvas fresh at all times.

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