Living in a dormitory with 15 people per flat we sometimes run in discussions about flat members doing their duties. Even though we are experiencing an extreme case situation and easy to use flat duty management system would be an awesome gadget to have.

What it does

Our node.js backend communicates with flat members using Telegram, because it is a popular messenger that makes hacking easy. In case of future improvements, other messengers as for example Whatsapp, Tox and a WebGUI could be supported as well.

How we built it

As already mentioned we used node.js for our backend and a Telegram bot for our frontend. In addition to that we use a mysql database to store all the delicious data to be progressed by some AI. Just kidding.. Get our code on GITHub and deploy it on your own server and no one will ever know about it :zwinkern: ... also we don't have an AI ... (yet)

Challenges we ran into

At first we tried using java only, because we imagined we could use some API to grab the needed data from the chat. Apparently we suck at that, so we took it back to stuff we know and implemented an easier solution using a script language.. and no one will ever... ehm well...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created some funny Octocat pictures and a logo for ourselves. Nah, we had a lot of fun. Seriously. I mean this is our first hackathon, but at first nothing really worked and now we got at least something. We got the experience of sitting in between creative people, being supported by great organisers and aided by the sponsors. All in all we had a great time, created some piece of code we are going to use and probably developing further for all people to use and even deploy on their on servers. Of course everyone should feel free to add some extras and help us improving our code. Our software should be a helpful tool created by hackers and used by everyone who trusts in them.

What we learned

Use script languages if you want to get fast and easy results. We are just a small team of 4 people, sitting at 1 table for 1 day. Don't even try to set up some overkill java code including tons of libraries. Hackathons are a lot of fun. This was our first one and certainly won't be our last one. Thanks for this experience!

What's next for FlaBo

As already mentioned it will be up in the clouds. We are going to improve it not just for selfish reasons. We believe in open source and free to use code and feel much more comfortable donating money for pieces of software we used for some time for free and want to contribute to this spirit with our little Flat Botler.

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