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Focallocal events

Because organising social events should as simple as ordering pizza.


  1. Go to
  2. Register using your email or use your account Facebook|Google|Twitter|Meetup
  3. Go to the map page
  4. Add a new event using (+) button
  5. Share the event details on social media (using buttons on final message modal window)

Project set up (for developers)

Project is built on Meteor, a simple environment for building modern web applications.

Install Meteor

curl | /bin/sh

Clone the project repository

git clone
cd fl-events


Currently we are experimenting with functional tests. On slow machines it's recomended to run the app without tests

VELOCITY=0 meteor 

If you prefer to run the app with the test framework (executing tests every time you save) then run it with

CHIMP_OPTIONS="--format=pretty --sync=false --browser=firefox" meteor


There are few end-to-end Velocity tests located under... yes, you guessed: tests/. They are written in Cucumber. Guidelines for writing Cucumber Velocity tests

Running meteor will run meteor app process altogether with mirror.

Mirrors are used by test frameworks to run tests within. Tests are typically destructive and as such require a different database. Mirrors run a parallel version of your app with a different database as not to intrude on the main development workflow.

You can check if the mirror is running - http://localhost:5000

There is some issue when running these tests under default PhantomJS driver, at least on my machine. That's why I'm using firefox driver by default. To select another driver you can bypass default Velocity settings.

export CHIMP_OPTIONS="--format=pretty --sync=false --browser=firefox"

It's documented here

You can disable Velocity tests

export VELOCITY=0 
meteor run
What are these tests for?

Currently, I develop the project with tests disabled and I trigger tests after implementing a feature. It takes some time on my old laptop to run mirror with firefox browser. Ideally, these tests should be mostly unit tests with few end-to-end tests, and they all should be running in the background using the fastest driver - PhantomJS. If you have some time to play with this, then pull requests are more than welcomed!

Additionally, it's essential to set up cloud based testing solution, to run functional tests against all the modern browsers, including mobile browsers. (See TODO)

Continuous integration

We have Travis build in place which monitors this repository. Every commit & push results in a new buildbeingg triggered. The point is to achieve continuous delivery which means

  1. Building - with the latest meteor
  2. Testing - (TODO) run functional tests
  3. Deploying
    • use settings.json from a secret variable in Travis build's settings
    • Deploy to if it's a push to master branch
    • Deploy to if it's a push to any other branch The workflow is configured in .travis.yml and deployment is configured in the expect script deploy.exp


  • Create something awesome -- make the code better, add some functionality, whatever (this is the hardest part).
  • Fork it
  • Create a topic branch to house your changes
  • Get all of your commits in the new topic branch
  • Submit a pull request

Fork it: pull request:


  • [ ] All the features are long listed in It's closed for members but anybody is welcomed to join.
  • [ ] Set up a cloud based testing solution as a part of Continous Integration solution.
  • [ ] Host application on a dedicated server. Currently we host the app on free meteor infrastructure. As long we don't have too many users, it's ok, but If we want to scale, we have to invest some money in VPS.
  • [ ] Fix Velocity tests configuration to run PhantomJS tests seamlessly.

About the Project

Focallocal events is a part of a big project, or rather movement, Focallocal.

Focallocal is an open, encouraging and supportive community for people who want to explore creative and fun ways to make our communities friendlier, more connected, safer and happier for everyone to enjoy living in. Together, our ideas and the success stories from community members activities are shared and repeated by other Focallocallers all around the World, each making a positive difference to life in their local community.

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