We re-thought about already existing application (Pomodoro apps) and pointed out the main problem - How do we actually encourage users to do what it’s supposed to help them do? Our solution was to add ideas on top of it to allow users to get engaged in a different way and feel encouraged and fun.

Our main goal was to add a feature that will help users feel more encouraged to use the Pomodoro app in a fun way.

How we got there? We first shared our ideas in the beginning and we wrote down key words and features that we hope to work on together. After several discussions, we decided on work on an app that already exits. We all know that we all have ideas and whatever we make at this event is meaningful but we realized, What’s the point of making another app? That’s when we went on to this direction of redesigning an app that already exists to solve a main problem that we detected.

The main problem The problem is that many often times, the app does the job it is supposed to do but it does not solve the question of “How do we encourage users to……?”

That is the main problem that we tacked on together as a team in this project.

Our solution

  • Positive and Negative reinforcement Our solution was to add a feature where it would either give a positive or a negative reinforcement to the users depending on their activity.
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