Our Inspiration was to create a wearable technology that helps people with ADHD and there figeting habits.

What it does

The wearable product gives consumers that have ADHD, Autism and Anxiety a functional and fashionable device that can help reduce anxiety and help them focus while tracking these habits and have the user become self aware to end these tendencies. The product is an earring that can be spun and played with which has a censor that tracks through a bracelet that is battery powered. The bracelet has a RFID cart which collects the data and sent your mobile app so the consumer can see the statistics of when and where the user plays with the earring. The app will send reminders of extensive use to stop touching the earring and will train the user to limit their fidgeting.

How We built it

We built is using tiny circuits and a RFID card that is put into the bracelet and earring to track when the two are close together and notifies the user on daily activity.

Challenges We ran into

Challenges we ran into were technology and how large the jewelry is, since we do not have the smallest circuit boards that have multiple uses, so we had to put them all together.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of coming up with an idea that will have purpose for the user for a fashion forward fidgeting device that also tracks and put a stop to habits through an app.

What we learned

We learned the different sides of inventing a product including 3D printing, programming and the fashion aspects.

What's next for Fixate

Whats next for Fixate is a smaller bracelet or that the app can be put on an Apple Watch or Fitbit and movement can be tracked through those devices.

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