We were working on the project "Gamification", created by "Severn trent"


We as a team were inspired to come up with an interesting educational and entertaining idea for this so important problem that should be given more attention.

What it does

It is a location-based game app. The player will have an office in the centre of the map and some randomly generated leakages will appear in the area. Then the player will have to send their plumbers to fix the problem. There are mainly 3 types of plumbers: normal, quick, efficient. The bigger leakages are be fixed only if you have certain tools. A really important thing to mention is that the player will also be given the opportunity to win big prizes and bonuses in game, whenever they report a real leakages.

How I built it

For my first time, I was mostly focusing on the front-end. Helped develop the login, options, register, loading forms. My main focus was the user friendly interface to engage people into playing more and more. I enjoyed writing C# in Unity in a really fun way.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into challanges mostly in the begining, when I had to watch loads of tutorials about using the Unity's API and that of C# as well. It was hard for me to build the location based map, but finally managed to take the Google Maps api working on our app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the work me and my team have put into this project. I really enjoyed the idea and mostly enjoyed its implementation.

What I learned

I have learned new languages and more about the Unity game engine. I am also planning to create my own mini projects in the future as well.

What's next for Fix My Link

If the app is approved I would like to have it go to the next level. For example, multiple minigames between players. real time reports, interesting communication system, more and more upgrades and tools.

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