To save the water loss between the pipes

What it does

Sensors from the body collect the information about the pressure. The data is reviewed by the technician (alert when inconsistencies detected). If a leak present the fish is controlled using fans and rudders to get close to the possible leak. Camera is used to closely inspect the leak. Glue is squirted into the leak using nozzle via pump/reservoir combo. The motion is controlled using PWM to hold the fish in that location to inspect the repair work. The data is transmitted using a high end portable Access Point in the service vehicle to ensure penetration of signal 6ft underground.

How we built it

Using the Arduino board and Respberry pi 3.

Challenges we ran into

No sleep all time working and design the prototypes

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished on time

What we learned

Team work Innovation Invention Thinking outside the box

What's next for FIX IT FISH

Real time implementation

Built With

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