I made FiveStar to solve a personal annoyance; I was spending up to 30 minutes comparing items that I have no personal experience with. The original use case was for finding the best toaster on amazon below $20; I know nothing about what to look for in a toaster, and I just wanted the best value for my money, so I figured I could write a simple script that would find the objectively best toaster. FiveStar is an extension of that script, made for everyone else on the internet. I also used it to find a great beginner racquetball racquet, considering I didn't know which features were important to me. With FiveStar, I didn't have to think about comparisons and reviews, and was able to buy the community's favorite without worrying about possible buyer's remorse. A friend of mine also wanted to find good beginner photography equipment, and has since used FiveStar multiple times, all successfully.

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