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This was inspired by old command-line programs run on DOS, and the musical theme. Combining these two ideas, we came up with creating an old-style music synthesizer social media program.

What it does

With FiveBit, you can create songs using the five basic notes of 8-bit music: square, sine, triangle, sawtooth, and noise using a completely custom editor and song player. You can then save this song to be discovered by others through the home page.

How I built it

We built FiveBit as a Python Flask app, running html, css, and javascript client-side.

Challenges I ran into

Creating a completely custom editor posed a huge challenge but it was overcame. We also ran into issues when parsing data to the server, but through trial and error it had become reliable. We had to remove email verification last-minute due to an error with hosting.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Proud of creating a completely custom system for creating songs and being able to store and load them reliably.

What's next for FiveBit Audio Synthesizer for DOS

We will likely keep the website up for others to try out. Go have a look at!

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