We're making the TV marketing platform of the future.

TV is still the most powerful driver of brand awareness. When the iPhone game "Monument Valley" was played on House of Cards by Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), it quickly hit the top of the Paid Apps category on the App Store. There are entire TV shows dedicated to what characters of popular TV shows wear from episode to episodes. We're here to harness the power of TV by combining it with the accessibility of Mobile.

Now, when you watch a TV show, our platform app hooks into media metadata content API's to present you with a simple app that tells them what your favorite characters are wearing, with an affiliate link to the website where you can purchase the item.

That's just for now. In the future, we'd like to add the ability to favorite items and include in-app purchasing of the clothing, as well as the ability to customize user profiles so that your favorite shows and favorite items are presented to you right away.

Tech used: Alphonso API, UICarouselView, Pinterest API, Instagram API, Sketch (Bohemian Coding)

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