Seeing dogs around on campus have always boosted our spirits, and we often hear other students get upset that they missed an event with dogs on the campus. With Five Colleges Dog Spotter, students can join our email list and get notified when a dog has been spotted!

What it does

Students that have spotted a dog can go to [] and fill out the form (which will describe your dog sighting). Once the form has been submitted, each user on our list will get an email detailing the person's dog sighting! If a user can't wait for a dog sighting to happen, they can peruse the dog pictures on [].

How we built it

Once we came up with the idea, Terry took over the backend (using JS), including an email bot to send each user a description of each dog spot. Sarah took over the front-end work, building the website with HTML and CSS. The form was built with Google Forms in the back and a corresponding HTML version of the form. Everything was then pushed to Github and hosted on Sarah's Github webpage.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into issues with the email bot as our original plan was to include a photo with each email. We decided that this would be a great addition in the future instead. We also planned on using our own custom domain, but had many issues getting Github to recognize it, leading us to stick with the default domain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we built our very own website! This is also Sarah's first completed hackathon project, so she's very excited.

What we learned

Sarah was able to get more comfortable with Github!

What's next for Five Colleges Dog Spotter

We have many plans for the continuation of Five Colleges Dog Spotter!

  • Filter based on which college you want notifications from.
  • Be able to send a wholesome dog meme with each email
  • Let users upload photos of dogs sighted (with dog owner's permission)
  • And more!
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