As a student, I'm always traveling back and forth to the airport and nearby cities; and travel costs can be high without carpool discounts.

What it does

Students in the Five College Consortium travel often via Valley Transporter, VanGo Express, Uber, etc. In order to cut costs via carpool discounts offered by these companies, ridesharing is a must. This app is a great way to aggregate fellow student travelers who wish to collaborate and get fare discounts together.

The app flow: 1) When entering the app, fill out the details of your upcoming trip. 2) Find others who are travelling in the same direction on the same day.

How I built it

mongodb, express, vuejs, nodejs

Challenges I ran into

There were a lot of ambiguous design decisions to make that I had to experiment with in order to get the best results; like having to sort filters on the client side for speed's sake as opposed to sorting via the db (because functionalities like sorting is what dbs are for).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned VueJs and some nitty gritty details about mongodb

What I learned


What's next for Five College Rideshare

Build new features as users see fit!

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