My randfathers both worked in the Cloth industry and used to travel to europe to bring the best piece of cloth to thier customers, so I became an evanglist for the material. and I've suffered alot to find a valuable fabric with the perfect body cut to my curves in the retail garment stores. to be mentioned the H&M fitting is not accurate to the curvy girls, we need to choose from the mama size which is humilating. So I decided even before the COVID19 to builld a direct complete supplychain in the garment industry from Consumer fitting size with exact cms and the AI tailor makes the perfect fit piece to this exclusive customer. This would result to an environment friendly factory, and better economic management for the waste in this industry which i know(I'm tailoring as a hobby) has alot of unavoided waste indeed.

What it does

My Idea is based on Client side application end, which is a software app with VR capability to include and measure the required peice dimensions and set tolerence for increase-decrease of 1% of cloth(these factors to be nehanced by the Matter-of-expert to be involved in to the project). Then comes the Server side which is implemented in the interface with the smart factory with input data for the peices delivery deadlines and estimated time for making it and the exact fitting dimensions to be manufactured.

Then the customer has to do Prova fitting in VR for the Piece where some customers might ask for extra size or smaller size in specific part, and as we've already left margin of 1% we can have this with acceptable limit. Then after customer acceptance we could deliver the piece to the customer.

How I built it

It's still in the idea phase, didnot build anything from it.

Challenges I ran into

The Value-chain model is new and challenging and still working on it to get all data included. the Industrial part,as i'm not a mechanical engineer, and the VR side need an expert in the VR and computer vision.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Fitty

I'd like to build my team and get Investors.

Built With

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