Buying new clothes should not be a troublesome or difficult task. But it always is because different brands have different sizes. A “small” in one brand might be a “medium” or “large” in another. This is the main reason a lot of us don’t shop online when it comes to clothing – we want to try on clothing to make sure it fits us properly. This is where our app Fitted comes in. With a click of a camera, the app will automatically measure your dimensions – chest, waist, hips, and neck. The app will then use these measurements and search a database of different sizes across all brands and recommend a brand and size that will fit you. But let’s say you want a comfier pajama shirt that is a little bigger, something that will be comfortable when sleeping. Our app also supports manual input. This way, you can add the exact measurements you want for a shirt, and our app will do all the sorting and looking so that you can easily pick out something you like without the headache of fitting. Get fitted, get dressed.

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