Twitch and other live stream platform has made it for gamers who has high latency and high bandwidth, but for fitness professionals, yoga teachers and dance instructors that's still a high barrier of entry. With rise of 5G and AI on the edge, we can make that happen on our mobile phone everywhere.

What it does

The fitness professional and yoga instructors now can stream their class live, the current platforms are not interactive and lacks feedback loop, the effect makes no difference than simple video recording. With help of AI on the edge we can provide feedback loop to the streamers so they can be more aware of their class.

How I built it

We use tensorflow to get the pose and stream that through webRTC

Challenges I ran into

Running tensorflow on the mobile is still something difficult

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have built an app that can demo both streamer side and subscriber side in 24 hours, and we believe this is one of the biggest market for 5G

What I learned

AI on the mobile phone still needs a while to get to perfect performance level.

Built With

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