We were inspired by the x2e phenomenon, our passion for fitness, and the success of Peloton and their indoor exercise systems. We set out to create a fun gamified workout experience where players could earn rewards for exercising and invite friends and family to exercise and get FitR together. Unlike other m2e games and Peloton, our goal was to create a fitness metaverse offering a multitude of exercises to meet all player’s needs, allow players to exercise together using only their mobile devices, and pay out rewards to encourage daily exercise.

What it does

FitR is an Web3 lifestyle App that uses AI advancements to enhance the workout experience. FitR disrupts the conventional home gym routine with a Move2earn gaming experience and real-time social gameplay. FitR’s combination of rich and appealing fitness activities, gamified design and innovative social interplay combine to launch FitR as a Move2earn sensation.

How we built it

We used blockchain and AI technology, built with script, java, javascript, Android, IOS, canvas, swift, myqsl, and Ai.

Challenges we ran into

It's very difficult to use AI technology to recognize the movements of the exercises and accurately count the number of moves performed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made innovations in the industry by combining AI and exercising to achieve m2e.

What we learned

By working on this project, our team has come closer and gained a deeper understanding of AI+ exercises. We will have greater achievements based on this in the future.

What's next for FitR

FitR needs to be a metaverse of all kinds of exercises, in order to meet all users' needs. Our goal is to launch a new exercise every month while we continue to add updates and new features weekly.

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