The reason why we wanted to produce the FitPal is because we all want a reason to get in shape or to stay in shape.

What it does

FitPal will give you the options mode to either burn fat, build muscle, or stay lean. FitPal will then recommend some workouts to begin for the first couple days and during these days the FitPal will record distance travel, heart rate and body fat. This data will be transferred into the FitPal app and website and based on the results FitPal will show your progress and recommend you the better workouts based on what workouts you're eating to maintain or improve progress. This process will be repeated.

How we built it

We didn't necessary built it but we created an app that, if we we had enough resources and experience, would connect a device that would track step count, heart rate, and exercises such as lifting weights and doing push ups.

Challenges we ran into

Because of our minor experience in coding we weren't able to get the heart rate monitor working from a code problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We came up with a concept that if it actually made we'll use it ourselves and it is a concept that is completely feasible with the technology we have today.

What we learned

We got more hands on experience with coding, the process of designing a product, working as a team and business ethics

What's next for FitPal

With more time, resources and experience, we'd be able to implement actual workouts for the user to do and be able to plan out a regiment of for and workouts that work for the user.

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