The number of times I've heard my friends and family members complain about not being motivated to work out got me thinking about a potential solution. There are already numerous fitness apps available, but why aren't people using them? Why wasn't I using them? I remember going on snapchat and instagram, taking selfies with different filters on and I came across one that was interactive. It involved an individual moving their head up and down in order to make the object move. This got me thinking, what if we can use gamification to revolutionize traditional fitness apps and make the entertaining for anyone? This was how Fitopia came to life. -Tanya

What it does

The app is easily accessible to anyone with a phone and who has a functioning camera. The app has a variety of games developed, where users can choose one that can help them focus on training a specific area or if they're indecisive, the app will randomly choose one for them. The main objective is to help individuals incorporate a bit of activity into their lives. What better way to do it than incorporating games into your workout routine? You can compete with friends, track your progress and gain results!

How we built it

We used our knowledge in android studio to develop the gaming aspect to integrate it with PoseNets, where the app can determine the type of activity required (eg. a full push-up). This required steady calculations of the joints within the elbows and arms to identify specific movement

Challenges we ran into

Aside from our laptops crashing and bugs in our code, the tough part was in the back-end, where we had to use PoseNets to calculate the angle of our movements. There are a lot of steps involved in this stage.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Each of us got to learn a new skill and were able to develop a potential solution to an existing problem. We all gave it our best efforts and for that we are super proud of. <3

What we learned

It is complex to use computer vision to identify specific movements. There are other possible routes we could have chosen to go through with instead like feeding the model images of workout movements to be able to identify it on a human. Gamification and fitness requires a lot of training.

What's next for Fitopia

This is a problem that many individuals around the world experience and we would like to positively impact their physical health. Our next steps include coming up with and developing games that can be targeted towards specific parts of the body. We would also need to find a way to integrate that with PoseNets to identify movement types.

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