The Meaning

Fitoku derives it's name from Fit (for Fitness) and oku - (Japanese word for doing a favor or help, Malaysian word for being injured & similar meanings in most other languages). Aptly named, Fitoku is a next-gen social fitness platform built on top of Salesforce1 and Heroku.

The Opportunity

After the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) explosion of phones and tablets, the world is now on the horizon of a BYOFT (Bring Your Own Fitness Tracker) revolution driven by wearable devices such as FitBit, Jawbone, Nike Fuelband, Nymi and several others.

The Problem

The fitness tracker market is highly fragmented as there's no platform to collaborate across multiple such fitness trackers. If you use a Fitbit, you can't interact with your peer who uses a Jawbone, you can't challenge your dearest friend or nemesis who's a Nymi fan. There's no collaboration and no common ground.

The solution - Introducing Fitoku

Fitoku solves this problem by leveraging Salesforce1 and Heroku platforms to allow people with different fitness trackers to collaborate/ challenge each other using Salesforce Chatter. Fitoku leverages Heroku to add a gamification aspect to fitness thereby making it fun and rewarding.

The Business Cases

Fitoku is ideal for bridging the gap between different fitness trackers across

  • Work places - Employees bringing in their own fitness trackers can collaborate on a common platform
  • Healthcare - Hospitals can use Fitoku to track patient activity and get automatic updates on Salesforce Chatter


A fit work force is the most productive work force. Fitoku lets work force in an organisation

  • Communicate individual fitness stats using Chatter
  • Challenge Chatter users for specific fitness goals
  • Brag/ Rant about fitness in Chatter groups
  • Show Heroku powered leaderboard for various fitness parameters

The Fitoku Ecosystem

Fitoku aims to connect with leading fitness trackers including

  • Fitbit
  • Jawbone
  • Nymi
  • Nike Fuelband

The current prototype supports only Fitbit

Technology Stack

Fitoku is built using

  • Salesforce1 iOS Mobile SDK
  • Heroku
  • Python, Flask, Redis
  • oauthd

Heroku Components/ Plugins showcased

  • pg
  • pgabcks
  • New Relic
  • DX metrics/ auto-scaling dynos

How to run?

iOS App

  • Create a app on Fibit Dev portal, and a Salesforce Connected App Modify the parameters for Fitbit, and Salesforce defined in AppConfig.h
  • Run in XCode & see pigs fly!

Python App

  • git init
  • git add
  • git commit
  • heroku create
  • heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql
  • heroku run python
    • db.create_all()
    • exit()
    • heroku pg:promote HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_AQUA_URL
  • That should be it!

Problems/ Questions

Drop me a line at or find me on Twitter @gauravkheterpal

Be Healthy! Stay Fit! Stay Social!

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