Most people aspire to develop a healthy fitness routine for the long run, yet a lot of us fail to do so. We lack the motivation to follow through our fitness goal because relying on willpower alone is simply not strong enough. Studies have shown that exercising with friends would increase the chances of sticking to one's exercise plan, and of course, it can make it more enjoyable and fun! This opportunity is, however, hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic as gyms across the world have been shut down in order to encourage people to stay at home and stay safe.

Unfortunately, while this does effectively slow the spread of COVID-19, it also has negative implications in other important areas of maintaining good health. Without the availability of gyms and the social aspect of exercising, it can be discouraging to work out. Therefore, we decided to create something to combat this issue.

What it does

Fitogether is a social fitness app that allows users to work out virtually with friends and hold each other accountable via our seamlessly integrated health statistics. Our three main value proposition are that users can 1) easily workout virtually with friends with our built in workout videos & video call 2) track and share their progress instantly with their friends to stay motivated 3) hold each other accountable via our messaging platform. We believe that having virtual workout partners can help holding you accountable and ultimately allow you to achieve your fitness goal! We have made this process easier and simpler for users: they can create an account and build their own Fitness Treasure Map complete with their personalized fitness goals. To create their goals, a user simply inputs the activity they want to participate in, how often they will do the activity, and for how long they want to pursue this goal. Users can also decide whether or not to allow their friends to see their goals and progress on the Settings page.

Product Details

Users can check in on their progress and current goals at anytime by checking the Schedule tab. This tab also includes the week's upcoming and completed workouts along with a recommended workout based on previous workouts the user has participated in.

If the user wants a more in depth evaluation of their progress on Fitogether, they can check out the Your Progress tab which includes the amount of sessions and time the user has worked out. We also provide a an easy to follow pie chart that breaks down the exercises the user has been doing according to the work out routine category. Users can also view a monthly color coded calendar based off of these details.

With Fitogether, our main goal is motivation and socialization through pursuing fitness! So, one of our main services is offering users the opportunity to schedule workouts with their friends! This feature is designed so that users can work out together while watching the same tutorial.

To help browse or find workouts that users are interested in, we created a Categories tab with various Workout Treasures including Abs, Back, and Biceps routines among others.

Another key feature is our chat option which allows users to communicate with each other directly from our program! This way, users can focus on the experience of working out with their friends through Fitogether rather than toggling between different applications.

How we built it

  • Google Cloud Platform's extremely secure database storage

  • High fidelity wireframe using Figma

  • MongoDB is used to store the project in the Google Cloud Platform.

  • Front-end development using React/Redux and MaterialUI

  • Uses React hooks to manage React lifecycle.

  • Uses Redux to manage state.

  • Back-end development using node.js, mongoDB and express

  • API endpoints are written using express.js.

  • Database models are created using Mongoose.

  • Web sockets

  • Twilio

For we bought the domain: ""!

Challenges we ran into

One of our biggest challenges was combining features we created in Twilio to the rest of the overall Fitogether project which was a different app.

To overcome this challenge, our team had to collaborate with each other and come up with different alternatives

Another challenge was working across five different timezones! We learned how to effectively manage time and stay in communication while all of us operated together across the globe.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learned how to use react, and spent a ton time learning JavaScript. Learned about hooks and different states. Spent a ton of time learning about live streaming technologies and integration of APIs into large projects. Researched different webrtc technologies and went in-depth with Twilios solutions and guides.
  • We were able to code up a working project despite of the technical issues we faced.
  • One of our members expressed her creativity by making excellent Figma designs , and its really helpful when you have the overall view ready , you just need to divide the tasks into modules and assign accordingly.
  • Two of our team mates coded in React for the first time , and it was great to see how quickly they were picking up the things.

What we learned

  • Pair programming and group discussions can be surprisingly effective at taking down difficult hurdles 5AM in the morning.
  • Web socket fundaments
  • Basic web rtc + Twilio
  • React

What's next for Fitogether

  • Develop a mobile app so people can easily schedule their workout sessions and track their progress whenever they want
  • Potentially partner up with Private Trainers/gyms to stream workout sessions in real-time, allowing them to manage and track their customers' progress easily
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